Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Well, duh
James Miller, writing at Tech Central Station:

Larry Summers hinted that women on average might not be as qualified as men to be science professors. Paul Krugman wrote [yesterday, here] that Republicans en masse are categorically not as qualified as everyone else to be professors. Larry Summers was almost universally condemned by academia for his comments, not because they were necessarily wrong, but because it was considered wrong for him to make negative generalizations about an under-represented group. In academia, Republicans are far more under-represented than women are. [Note: Wildly so. At Yale, when trying to compile a list of probable Republican professors, the Yale College Republicans managed to come up with 8.] So if Paul Krugman is not widely condemned by academics it will constitute pretty strong evidence that academia is biased against Republicans.
There are plenty of reasons that Republicans are not well represented in academia, and yes, one of them is likely that academic institutions are so overwhelmingly liberal that a lot of us can't wait to get out into a more accepting world. Why would we ever want to go back?

Mr. Miller's piece goes on to point out that it may, in fact, be the liberal left that chooses to ignore science, without making an important point: Krugman may not be entirely wrong.

Yes, I know it may be shocking to read those words on this blog, but it's true. There may be some credence to the idea that Republicans are Republicans because of slight biological variation, just as Summers may have been right about part of the reason that women are less present in academia.

What I don't get is this: liberals want us to proclaim our diversity, but whenever someone tries to quantify that diversity they are dubbed sexist, racist, or some other 'ist.' When a liberal declines any interest in quantifying such things (Krugman) and prefers to make wild claims about the intellectual proclivities of an entire political party, that's OK. Maybe that helps prove Mr. Miller's point that liberals don't want to include the science.

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Irina Tsukerman said...

That doesn't explain the liberals who turn conservative. In fact, in general, people tend to grow conservative with age.