Thursday, April 21, 2005

The truth need not be painful
but it must be faced. Roger Low, and avowed liberal, writes in today's YDN: "I write today with a surprising but urgent message for you: Yale needs more conservatives on its campus."

Read his reasons. They are compelling, and pretty much spot-on.

My thesis is due tomorrow, so while I will try to get some more thoughts up on this later in the day, I can offer no guarantees.

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Richard said...

I hope your thesis goes well, but I have faith in you. I don't guess I could get you to send a copy to me, could I? Curiosity, of course. What is the subject?

I agree with your columnist. We realists and moderates need conservatives to react to, so that we can better explain why we are correct.

What other function could a past-preserving conservative perform in a society moving forward into the future? [grin]