Friday, April 29, 2005

There are several articles that I wanted to recommend today, so I thought I'd put them all in one post. I might try to add more later in the day, but we all know I rarely get around to such things. In the meantime, enjoy.

As the old saying goes, if they're shooting at you, you must be doing something right.

Is Bush actually an egghead? I think there's some sense to this, because, as E.J. Dionne points out:

One of the central characteristics of the Bush presidency is a profound commitment to theoretical notions, nurtured in think tanks and ideological magazines, and a relentless -- yes, even principled -- commitment to pushing them regardless of the facts or the consequences.
If that isn't evidence of eggheadism, I'm not sure what is.

James Barnes thoroughly considers the prospective 2008 presidential candidates.

Daniel Henninger addresses the links between the death of the Fairness Doctrine (thank you Ronald Reagan) and the rise of conservative thought. In retrospect, the Fairness Doctrine probably would have died with the rise of the internet anyway—after all, would you expect me to create a Running for the Left segment for this blog? Still, Reagan certainly accelerated the process by at least 15 years, and there are compelling reasons to believe that conservative thought has seized the public because of its ability to spread without limitations. One could claim that the Fairness Doctrine favored liberals because their arguments are better, but I think there currently exist more conservatives with the ability to express their politics in a compelling (and profit-winning) way. When not forced to find a liberal who can be just as interesting, conservatives have more ability to spread their ideas.

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