Friday, April 01, 2005

National Update
That's for the Red Sox Nation, of course.
Dean Barnett—who is fast becoming one of my favorite writers—writing in the Weekly Standard offers a column titlted 86 Years. Not surprisingly he celebrates the Sox victory of last fall, after a discussion of the curse:

WHETHER THERE EVER WAS A CURSE or not, its alleged spell was broken last Fall. After 86 years without a title, the Red Sox finally rewarded their fans base with a championship (although it's likely that given the length of the drought, many members of that fan base were too deceased to fully enjoy the experience).

But far sweeter than the title itself was the humiliation of the Yankees. It wasn't only that they beat the Sox for nearly 90 years, it was the haughtiness and cruelty of the beatings which lingered. For decades Sox fans endured Yankee chants of '1918' to remind them of their last title. For whatever reason, it wasn't enough for black-hearted Yankee fans to simply enjoy their own team's 26 championships. They had to taunt us, too.
And he continues:
YET NOW, at our moment of triumph, certain members of Red Sox Nation want to call a truce. In the cozy suburb of Acton, Massachusetts, two well-meaning but obviously misguided elementary school teachers have led their young charges in a quest to have the Red Sox and Yankees shake hands en masse immediately prior to their Opening Day engagement--in order to prove that 'it's only a game.
You've GOT to be kidding me. I have to agree with Barnett's conclusion:
I'll make a counter-offer: After the Yankees have gone 86 years without a title, then I will whole-heartedly endorse a group hand shake. By my math, that date should arrive in 2086.
Let's hope he's right. And I can't wait to see the Yankees dugout on Sunday while the Red Sox receive their world championship rings at the beginning of the game.

I get should be getting my Red Sox Nation bracelet any day now. And you can be assured that I will be wearing either my Yankees Hater hat (I have this one) or my "Yankees Suck" hat on Sunday. They're both reserved for days when my hatred of the Yankees flares up—otherwise I just wear my standard Red Sox hat.

Whatever ends up on my head, you know I'll be watching.

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