Wednesday, April 06, 2005

In a wordtwo words: Perfect
This, ladies and gentleman, fresh out of Yale, is the future of elections in this country as we continue to add ridiculous restrictions on campaigning. Here we have the results of one day of the campaign for president of the Yale College Council:

Three of the four presidential candidates were issued penalities or warnings last night. Syverud lost $30 of his discretionary campaign spending for submitting his statement of candidacy on the YaleStation portal three minutes and four seconds after Monday's 9 p.m. deadline. R. David Edelman '07 was issued a warning for starting a group for supporters of his campaign on before the official beginning of public campaigning. Kennedy-Shaffer was issued a "warning with severity" and also lost $30 of campaign funds for misuse of and for sending "hundreds of mass e-mails," YCC Vice President Chance Carlisle '05 said.

Kennedy-Shaffer received the harshest rebuke from the commission for e-mailing 798 students listed as his friends on to solicit campaign support. Kennedy-Shaffer had argued that he was being penalized for having more friends than the other candidates.

Syverud said he was aware that his online submission might be close to the deadline and said he attempted to call Carlisle as 9 p.m. approached. Carlisle corroborated this statement, adding that he could not receive the calls because his cell phone was off. Syverud also said he thought he had submitted the statement on time.

"Basically, I was looking at a clock that was wrong," he said.
This is ridiculous, and it is the path we're slowly heading down.

UPDATE [4/6/2005 - 12:28]: Looks like I posted too soon, as the YDN editorial staff seems to generally agree with me.

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