Friday, April 29, 2005

Boola Boola
In a piece about why Harvard continues to get regular news coverage, despite the fact that no on one really cares, Michael Steinberger offers this taste of reality:

Take politics. Harvard has long prided itself on being an incubator of political talent, and for good reason: It has educated seven U.S. presidents, more than any other university. But only two Harvard graduates have been elected president in the past 45 years, and one of them, the current occupant of the Oval Office, holds a Harvard MBA. By contrast, four of the six most recent presidents earned degrees from Yale, and two Yalies squared off in the past election. Moreover, for Democratic office-seekers at least, a Harvard education, with its suggestion of Eastern privilege and liberal elitism, is probably more a liability than an asset nowadays.
Reminds me of a BC cartoon I had a while back. It shows a character looking at "Wiley's Dictionary," discovering that the definition of "Yale" is "the Ivy League school with a lock on the presidency."

Harvard sucks, Princeton doesn't matter.

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