Monday, April 11, 2005

Read this, it's extremely short, but very important.


Richard said...

What's the problem? It's like Florida 2000, and the election has already been certified. That means it is over, right??

RFTR said...

That's such a stupidly framed sarcastic question it amazes me.

Both Florida 2000 and Washington 2004 are perfect examples of why we cannot have a nation-wide popular vote for president. That was my point, and that alone.

The vote in Washington had to be certified according to the laws of the state. The governor, however, has the ability to call a special election this year if the vote still seems in question, which it clearly does. Our national constitution required that Florida certify the vote or not be included in the national tally. There is also no provision for a special election if doubts linger after that certification.

Encouraging a new election in Washington, rather than endless selective recounts as the Democrats advocated in Florida (yeah, that's right, get off your own partisan high-horse), in no way implies the hypocrisy that you wish to convey. The two are not parallel in any way.