Thursday, March 31, 2005

What a whitewashing
InstaPundit points to a New York Sun article reporting on Columbia's report regarding the accusations of academic bias among professors. What we see very quickly is an attempt to keep this report's release quiet, and I'm inclined to believe that it's because the committee seems to have abdicated its responsibilities. On the whitewashing:

In an effort to manage favorable coverage of its investigation into the complaints, the university disclosed a summary of the committee's report only to the Columbia Spectator, the campus newspaper, and the New York Times. Those newspapers, sources indicated to The New York Sun last night, made an agreement with the central administration that they would not speak to the students who made the complaints against the professors.
The Sun obtained a copy of the report without the permission of the university administration. Last night, when a reporter from the Sun came to Low Library, the central administration building, for a copy of the report, a security guard threatened to arrest the reporter if she did not leave the building.
According to one student, senior Ariel Beery, one of the campus's most outspoken critics of the professors, a Columbia spokeswoman told him that students were not being shown the report yesterday "for your own good."
For more on how the committee disappointed—which it absolutely did—visit the Columbians for Academic Freedom.

When Lee Bollinger (president of Columbia) made promises to get involved, these students took down their blog in a show of support. With the release of the report, and their impression that this is an obvious snowjob—which, as I've said I see as well—led them to resurrect it.

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