Saturday, March 19, 2005

Really sums it up
The press (and others) like to view W as an out of control cowboy, and Kerry as the nuanced intellectual. Really, I think that this photo series (via Tim Blair) illustrates a slightly different perspective. What I see here (ignoring the few images that I know to be photoshopped—like the first one of Kerry failing to catch a football) is a sophisticated, fun-loving W, and Kerry? Well the closest thing that comes to mind with Kerry is that geeky kid who was decently smart, but not brilliant. You know, the one who was ok at sports, but would show up for street hockey in a full set of pads when no one else was wearing even a helmet. He's the one who gets caught up in what's going on around him and forgets that there are people around him, too—he gets distracted and loses his social graces, but still thinks he's better than the people he's ignoring. Come on, we all knew that kid in high school.

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