Friday, March 11, 2005

Not so fast, Glenn
Professor Reynolds points out: "BLOGS VERSUS MCCAIN-FEINGOLD: 'One other thing, according to Technorati there are now 7,718,207 weblogs. That's a whole lot of people - and voters! Just to put a John McCain spin on it - that's about two million more people than the entire population of Arizona.'"

Two problems: 1)Not all of those blogs are politically-based, so they will not come under FEC review.
2)I, for example, now contribute to 4 different blogs, and I have a fifth that is in (temporary?) retirement.

My point is not that there are only a few bloggers by any means, and I agree with his overall point—but don't jump too quickly to the conclusion that there are 7 million bloggers out there.

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