Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Misunderstanding the Right and the Left
Read it, it's smart.

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Charlie Liberty said...

It's not smart. It's the same old effort to take a three-dimensional political world and dumb it down to a single meaningless dimension.

These days, there is no such thing as a "Conservative". There are neo-cons, paleo-cons, and religious crazies. Think about the VAST differences between just the first two of the factions that you blithely call "The Right":

* neo-cons are pro-war
* paleo-cons are anti-war

* neo-cons are pro-empire
* paleo-cons are anti-empire

* neo-cons love big government
* paleo-cons want limited accountable government

* neo-cons love political correctness
* paleo-cons love freedom.

* neo-cons draw inspiration from Leon Trotsky and Leo Strauss, a communist and a fascist
* paleo-cons draw inspiration from Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis

See the difference?


When you lump these polar opposites together under the rubric "Conservative", or "The Right", you tell us that you are indifferent to what people actually stand for and work for, indifferent to issues of substance, like war and freedom and morality. What you seem to care about instead is the GEOMETRICAL position the person occupies in a miniscule one-dimensional cage called "Our Political Spectrum".


Many of our current political difficulties are due to our obsessive desire to confine ourselves in this meaningless and misleading one-dimensional cage.

The left-right "Spectrum" falsely suggests that the only alternative to a ruthless big-government "Liberal" is a ruthless big-government "Conservative". The REAL alternative -- a freedom-loving American -- has no place in that one-dimensional political universe -- and, apparently, has no place in your universe either.