Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Makes sense to me
JustOneMinute points out that all the outrage over Bush's Social Security plan could have been intentional, setting up that bill as a decoy for other parts of the Republican agenda:

The bankruptcy bill has received a quick flurry of attention, and now looks to be set for finalpassage in the Senate. This 'stealth' approach was also followed with the class-action reform last month - we all scream about Social Security, and suddenly an unrelated bill catches people's attention three minutes before final passage.

But the balance of manpower favors the Reps, who may simply have decided to engage the Dems on as many fronts as possible. In this view, Social Security is the stalking goat drawing Democratic fire, while other important bills fly through under the radar.
Like I said, it makes sense to me, and it certainly wouldn't be all that crazy a plan for someone like Rove.

UPDATE [3/9/2005 - 14:46]: Sorry that the link was not functioning properly earlier. Should be fixed now.

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