Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Love those Kennedys
CNN is reporting that Senator Edward Kennedy's (Teddy, D - MA) ex-wife was found lying in the street with broken bones: "Joan Kennedy, who divides her time between Cape Cod and a Boston condominium, has struggled with alcoholism."

Unlike her ex-husband, who has embraced it.

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Diane101 said...

I think it is unfortunate that you have depicted a personl tradegy of someone who just happens to be a Kennedy and then making a snide remark about her exhusband.
I thought you Reps. were more tolerant of an individuals personal pain and sufferering, but I see that is not the case or is it a case of it's OK to say these things about a Dem and anyone in his family who is having hard times.
Would you be so derogatory if she were a member of a prominate Rep. family.