Sunday, March 20, 2005

The leader of my Church
Rowan Williams, the Archibishop of Canterbury (the leader of the Anglican Church, and by proxy the Episcopal Church) says People are starting to realise we can't go on as we are: "For a large majority of Christians — not only Roman Catholics, and including this writer — it is impossible to regard abortion as anything other than the deliberate termination of a human life. Whatever other issues enter into the often anguished decisions concerning particular cases, they want this dimension to be taken seriously.
Equally, though, for a large majority of Christians this is a view which they know they have to persuade others about, and recognise is not taken for granted in our society. The idea that raising the issues here is the first step towards a theocratic tyranny or a capitulation to some neanderthal Christian right is alarmist nonsense."

Read the whole thing. The focus is on Britain, but his thougths about handling the abortion issue are universally applicable.

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Irina Tsukerman said...

The problem, however, runs deeper. Most people acknowledge even adult, fully formed life as something that can be *chosen*. To be or not to be appears to be a rational choice, yet another exercise of free will. I do not view the idea of wanting to terminate one's life as anything rational.