Friday, March 11, 2005

From Lileks: "My friend the Giant Swede showed me how he called up the Bleat on his Blackberry the other day, and while that was rather neat, I need the ability to spend more time on the web — in teeny weeny form — about as much as I need a hot railroad spike hammered in my eyeball."

I've got to agree. I'm beginning the process of shopping for a new cell phone right now, and trying to find a phone that doesn't offer wireless internet is very difficult. I don't need/want it, but I have a feeling that someday soon we're going to have trouble avoiding it at all.

Now, if you figure out how I can plug my laptop into my cell phone and get highspeed internet anywhere, then I'll be interested.

UPDATE [3/11/2005 - 17:07]: Looks like I spoke too soon (sort of). I talked to my brother, and it turns out that Verizon Wireless offers what'd called EVDO in some major (what my brother called "NFL") cities. It's not exactly what I had in mine—i.e. plugging your laptop into your phone and getting highspeed internet—but it is a way to get highspeed internet on any laptop over the standard CDMA networks. Pretty cool stuff.

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