Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Define "disastrous"
It seems that every day someone else is calling Bush's foreign policy "disastrous," (today it's Jonathan Menitove in the YDN), and I need some to explain to me what the big disaster is. France (and others) may still be a little touchy, sure, but overall they've said that they're willing to put Iraq behind them and continue amicable relationships with the United States.

In the meantime, North Korea is on the same course it always has been, as is Iran. And many countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Lebanon, even Palestine) are moving towards increased freedom, and at least one country (Libya) has abandoned its nuclear ambitions. Honestly, what disaster have we precipitated?

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Diane101 said...

You fail to find the pallative assurance of the countries mention to be what it is and that is a bid to have a viable position with regards to the US.
The disasterous foreign policy of this Admin. may not be visible to someone who has not seen the unfolding of history and can therefore see the terrible implications of this policy. It would take a lot longer than this comment to inform you.