Monday, March 14, 2005

Lileks hits the nail on the head with one of the most satisfying activities known to mankind: "But on the way out of church we came across some ice, some pavement ice, the good kind that's thick enough to hold you but has water underneath, and you can crack it with your heel. It's very satisfying. It's God's own bubble-wrap."

OK, well, maybe not to all of mankind, but at least to those of us who get winter. Take that, Californians!

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js7a on kos said...

Brian, do you believe that dinosaurs walked the Earth with humans less than 10,000 years ago? I do not believe a loving God would contradict the world-wide geological evidence with different scriptures, contradicting from one culture to another.

Do you believe that the nervous system of a three month-old human fetus has more capacity to feel and be conscious than that of an adult pig? If life is defined at beginning at conception, then abortion is nothing compared to the killing that goes on at fertility clinics and the majority of fertilized zygotes which are flushed from the body before implanting in the womb.

I am a devout Quaker who believes that many Christians have turned their back on the greatest gift from God -- our ability to reason -- in order to maintain allegiance to what is largely a mythology bound in leather. The gilded edges of each page will never make up for the fact that human slavery is codified in the "Ten Comandments" and the "New Testament."

I seek a rational discussion about your church, and I ask that you allow me to tell you more about mine.