Thursday, February 17, 2005

Perpetuation of myths
It seems that some people feel the need to advance lies and deceptive myths.

I'm referring here to that old meme that Ashcroft covered up the nude statues behind him in press conferences because he's a prude. Well, Jay Nordlinger diffused this myth years ago. Since some people obviously didn't get the message, and I can't post the link (not even the web address) on Bulldog Blue—due to their prudish comments filter that somehow found something wrong with the URL to the article—I'll reproduce the main point here:

"The Breast was pretty quiet during the eight years of Janet Reno. As one peeved administration official puts it, 'No cameraman was ever at Reno's feet, trying to get a shot of her with that thing.' But Minnie Lou's [the statue's] outstanding feature stormed back with Ashcroft. When President Bush visited the Justice Department to rededicate the building to Robert Kennedy, his advance men insisted on a nice blue backdrop: 'TV blue,' infinitely preferable to the usual dingy background of the Great Hall. Everyone thought the backdrop worked nicely — made for 'good visuals,' as they say. This was Deaverism, pure and simple. Ashcroft's people intended to keep using it.

An advance woman on his team had the bright idea of buying the backdrop: It would be cheaper than renting it repeatedly. So she did — without Ashcroft's knowledge, without his permission, without his caring, everyone in the department insists.

But ABC put out the story that Ashcroft, the old prude, had wanted the Breast covered up, so much did it offend his churchly sensibilities."
Seems a little deceptive, doesn't it?

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