Thursday, February 17, 2005

More on Carter
Continuing a thread from yesterday, read what the guys at Power Line have to say.

Even if you disagree, give it a read to understand where those of us who feel ashamed by much of Carter's behavior are coming from.

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Exile said...

I do disagree forcefully. This is an unnecessary jab at a man, who while a poor chief executive, did try to bring, as no president has since, some civility and genuine decency to the office. I know that you all in your Reagan cult will not want to hear that, but maybe hearing it will make you think twice before you trash the next liberal and consider if perhaps they have some redeeming value. I can hope, but your track record on collective self-reflection does not make me optimistic.

Okay maybe I was too harsh on the Gipper, but I still maintain that this Carter bashing is unwarranted, silly, and a symptom of the hostility that, while not uniqe to the right, has become its calling card. I will not argue that Carter was not the worst president ever, though I believe he was not, but I will say CATEGORICALLY that he is nowhere near the worst ex-president. That honor clearly goes to the man who entered the treasonous Confederate Senate during the Civil War, and even if he never actually served in the chamber, John Tyler (R.I.P.) was clearly the worst ex-president EVER.