Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Kyoto is nothing but hot air
Since today is the day the Kyoto treaty for climate control—or whatever the heck it's actually called—goes into effect, I thought I'd share one of my pet theories with you, in the form of a paper on Solar Activity and Climate that I recently uncovered. First, a little background.

In high school, I did a research paper on global warming policy, focusing on the scientific basis for and against certain arguments. In months of research, I discovered a theory less-well known than the traditional "man-made green gases are the only explanation for the increase in earth temperatures" explanation of observed global warming. The theory, to my knowledge, has never been explained away, it's simply been ignored by all mainstream press.

Using data I found at the time, I overlayed some solar information, regarding sunspots more specifically, with climate data, and was amazed by the result. So, I leave you with the evidence, for you to decide. I recommend reading the paper, but here's the main point of it, presented in one of their tables:

UPDATE [2/16/2005 - 20:29] A great lecture given by Michael Crichton addresses the nature of junk science (known as consensus—something science never needed in order to be right before) behind global warming. It's a bit long, but read the whole thing.

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