Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Day By Day gave me a great chuckle today:

In point of fact, it's a fast attack submarine.

UPDATE [2/16/2005 - 12:40]:ScrappleFace has it's own hilarious take. Be sure to click and find out why they specify "Seahare-class" for extra amusement: "President Carter, who brought peace to the middle east, vigorously defended America's right to give away the Panama Canal and, in 1994, convinced North Korea to abandon talking about its nuclear weapons, said he's honored to have his name on 'one of the most powerful peacemaking devices on earth.'
Jimmy Carter is the first of the American Seahare-class subs, featuring a high-tech sonar system which alerts enemy forces to its presence and a safety device on the Nerf missiles which allows firing only after an enemy missile impact."

And GOP and the City adds: "When I first heard the Navy was naming an Attack Submarine after former president Jimmy Carter, I had to laugh. First, it's ironic that Carter is bering honored with a Cold War era platform that has little relevance in today's Navy, while Ronald Regan [sic in original] was given a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier which will be an active and crucial part of our military for the next 50 years?"

UPDATE [2/16/2005 - 13:31] Frank J. has a creative contribution as well—made me chuckle a few times at least, though it is pretty strange at points.

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