Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Bud ad made me happy
And this only makes it better: "Last Thursday I was on a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Portland, Ore. There were four servicemen returning home for a two-week leave from Iraq. As the plane arrived at the gate in Portland, the pilot mentioned and thanked the servicemen for their service and asked that they be allowed to disembark first. As each of them walked toward the front of the plane, the rest of the passengers erupted in spontaneous applause. It's tough to do a standing ovation in an MD-80, but that's exactly what they got.
The feeling of appreciation of the passengers on the plane was palpable as they patted the servicemen on the back as they walked by and said 'thank you.' Best of all, it was real people expressing appreciation for the service of these men. A commercial could not have done the moment justice."

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