Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Well now.
Let me begin by asking a simple question: how long would it take for France to conquer the US?

Yeah, I know, it's a trick question. Sorry about that. I couldn't resist, though, as quotes the French foreign minister as saying, again and again, 'we want an alliance, not French submission to the US." To which I say: if we want you to submit, you'd better submit.

Obviously I'm exaggerating here. But to be perfectly frank, since we went to war in Iraq, France has been asking us to be nicer to them, to start going to Paris again, to start buying French wine again, and, more than anything else, to recognize how much we really need them—and I'm tired of it. If you want compromise, offer an apology, or something that we can actually use. Until then, quit your whining just because you didn't get your way and you have more to lose by mistreating us than we have to lose by ignoring you.

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