Sunday, January 30, 2005

It's Kerry's Fault!!
As I said from the beginning, John Kerry was a poor choice for the Democratic nomination—but I'm getting a little sick of all this criticism of him for the loss. For example, most recently Soros felt the need: "Billionaire investor George Soros -- who spent $26 million in the failed effort to defeat President Bush -- said challenger John Kerry was 'a flawed candidate,' Bloomberg reports.

Said Soros: 'Kerry did not, actually, offer a credible and coherent alternative.'"

If you invest in a company that goes bankrupt, sure, the company is to blame—but so are you for making a poor investment. All of these Democrats who blame Kerry obviously didn't do their job in getting the candidate they wanted, or in getting past Kerry's faults. Turning that on Kerry is just wrong.

UPDATE [1/31/2005 - 1:20]: Then again, Jake does have a point.

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