Friday, January 14, 2005

Encouraging News
It seems that what I've been saying—something, I'll add, that has been roundly rejected by my Democratic peers—may actually turn out to have an element of truth: "The number of College Republicans has almost tripled, from 400 or so campus chapters six years ago, to 1,148 today, with 120,000-plus members (compared with the College Democrats' 900 or so chapters and 100,000 members). College Republicans are thriving even on elite campuses. 'We've doubled in size over the last few years, to more than 400 students,' reports Evan Baehr, the square-jawed future pol heading the Princeton chapter. The number of College Republicans at Penn has also rocketed upward, says chapter president Stephanie Steward, from 25 or so members a couple of years ago to 700 today. Same story at Harvard. These young Republican activists, trudging into battleground states this fall in get-out-the-vote efforts, helped George W. Bush win."

Read the whole thing. It seems that we're gaining ground, slowly but surely—so let's just hope it continues.

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