Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bath and Body Works
A little break from the political today, as Lileks writes an open letter to BaBW: "If you have set foot in your stores recently, you will notice the accentuated preponderance of floral and spicy scents, as though someone had swabbed the walls with an expensive prostitute."

Personally, it makes me sneeze incessantly until I leave the store. Also, I think it's a marketing ploy—they know women need these scented things, right? And they can't help the lure of the store. So they go in, and very, very carefully lift and smell every single product in the store until they've found just the right scent. They pay for it and take it home. Unwrapping it with total ecstatic anticipation, they quickly realize that it smells nothing like it did in the store. I've seen this happen several times. And in almost every case, the resulting conclusion made on the spot was (drumroll, please): "Well, I'll have to go back and get something different." And with that, BaBW has now sold twice the products they would have otherwise. Brilliant.

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