Friday, January 21, 2005

All the news that's fit to spin
Today's YDN features an article about Yalie participation in the inauguration protest, which they describe as "Bush's parade."

So, where to begin...
It's nice that they interviewed Yale College Republican president Al Jiwa to add some balance. I understand the sentiment. But I'm beginning to worry that the YDN thinks he's the only Republican on campus.

More than that, I happen to know that a sizable number of students attended inauguration balls, as well as the parade and the speech in order to support the president. So where's the article on that? Or to be even more fair, where's the slightest mention of that fact?

UPDATE [1/21/2005 - 7:25]: There is another article today, headlined College Dems send the president a messsage. I don't have a serious problem with the article as a concept, but I am a little bothered by this quote: "Stollwerk said as students at Bush's alma mater, the College Democrats feel a particularly strong duty to express the views of Yale students to Bush."

Now, I'm a friend of Miss Stollwerk, and I respect her greatly. I also feel fairly confident that she didn't phrase her statement in quite this way, hence the paraphrasing chosen by the YDN. I recognize that this is splitting a hair, but I think it's an important one—the sentence should have been written "express the views of some Yale students," or even "of most Yale students."

Generally, I could probably sum up this post by pointing out that conservatives are in a minority at Yale, and I'm a bit tired of the YDN (with the exception of the editorial page, which is doing much better this year) minimizing our presence.

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