Wednesday, August 04, 2004

It begins - Missouri approves same-sex marriage ban: "With nearly all precincts reporting, the amendment had garnered 71 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results for Tuesday's vote."

You may remember Missouri as Dick Gephardt's home state, and the same state that elected a dead man rather than John Ashcroft. It's also a state that Kerry thinks he has a chance in - maybe this vote will pull the wool off his eyes.

Many people thought it was stupid for the Senate to spend a week on gay marriage during a war, and that it could only hurt Bush come November. What they don't account for, however, is that while people are shakey on altering the US Constitution, the majority is opposed to same-sex marriage. And it is likely that more states will pass legislation to ban gay marriage, one by one. And when we hit 33 states who ban the practice, then a Constitutional amendment comes into play.

I still say, the more the Democrats, and more specifically the gay community, push for legalization, the more the majority will work quietly to prevent it. The country is not ready for this to be legal, and the more you push, the more likely it is to show you that.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Reporting for duty - like a jackass
A proper salute:

Kerry's salute:

Bush's salute:

Big difference, eh folks?

UPDATE [8/2/2004 - 20:43]: To quote Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, "Next time, snap it out. Thumb to palm, index finger through little digit smartly aligned, sharp to the hairline - down! Too many men far better than you have executed that courtesy. If you're smart, you won't try it again."

No, Beth, you're right. This isn't a policy debate. But when a man is running on his military record, his love of and devotion to country, and his ability to lead a global war, he should at least be able to execute a salute properly. It shows a lack of respect for the very thing of which he is so proud to have been a part.