Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I'm writing a piece for the Yale Politic, a political magazine, discussing the necessity of military service before holding the office of the President. I was asked because of my membership in Yale Students for Bush, and it was specifically presented to me by saying "people for Kerry are writing a piece that says it's absolutely necessary, and we want you to write opposite, saying it's not." Well, this is an obvious trap to trick me into effectively saying that Bush didn't serve. It's the kind of thing I would have done to the opposition, so I didn't fall for it. Instead, I've accepted the offer, and I'm writing from the perspective that it's not the type of service you have, but your ability to inspire confidence as the CinC, your ability to lead, your understanding of the mission ahead of us, and your ability to help the Armed Forces acheive their goals. I want to use Kerry's voting record to illustrate how, if he'd had his way, the military would be gutted by now, but since I'm travelling, it's tough for me to look up specific votes. Any suggestions on his record, or any other part of this essay would be greatly appreciated. Please email me if you've got anything good. Thanks.