Monday, December 20, 2004

More on Christmas
John Leo: "Some PC people have begun to argue that even 'Jingle Bells' is a church-state no-no. Santa Claus, a totally secular figure, is controversial because he was originally based on St. Nicholas. Horrors . Then let's ban the word goodbye, which evolved from 'God be with you.'"

Right on target. This is going to ridiculous lengths, and we are to the point of protecting the minority at the expense of the VAST majority. 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas in some form or another. Can we get past the 5% and realize that if they are strong enough to insist that we stop celebrating in public, then they are strong enough to deal with that celebration?

I want to get back to the old way of doing things. How would I know what that was like? Well, my standard is pretty low—I just want to get to the point where, in church, on Christmas Eve, the person in front of me turns and says "Merry Christmas." These days, everyone is so conditioned to avoid that awful 'C' word that, even in that context, I am more likely to hear "Happy Holidays."

UPDATE [12/21/2004 - 12:22]: My posting on DailyKos has led more than a few critics of conservative theory to visit my blog, and comment on this post specifically (they're too lazy to scroll down, apparently). This, in turn, has spawned frustrated responses from me. As a result, James has mad a very accurate observation


Anonymous said...

John Leo says some PC types are pissed at Jungle Bells. Just wondering, but did he actually cite a particular PC person or org? I think you've been had by Leo, who's just echoing something he heard that would put those darned PC types in a negative light. Or maybe he found something like that on the Web - you know, the place you can find absolutely anything to reflect poorly on your imagined energies.

Rastap Undit.

RFTR said...

If you're going to snipe at my blog, at least read a few postings before you do. I have been commenting ongoing about the assault on Christmas. Both Leo and my previous posts answer your question, making it very easy for you to solve your own ignorance.

Rather than make assumptions, try doing a little of your own leg work.

Anonymous said...


maybe we can give the little children
who make our toys for us
plastic surgery

if they had pointy ears
we could tell our children
that they are elves!

not exploited desperate little children

20,000 kids starve on earth every day
just they starved on 9/11

world hunger help drive wall street profits

ho ho ho,

RFTR said...

Do you really have nothing better to do with your time?

Anonymous said...

Shaman Claus?


Anonymous said...

Happy Hannakah to you too