Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I think I've figured it out
Finally, I think I understand why the Left can't figure out how to win elections. Amazingly, the clue came to me from Daily Kos's musings on why the President won reelection: "The left is already working to build it's own version of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy -- the $300 million annual machine that developes the conservative message (think tanks), disseminates it to the public (Fox News, Rush), and trains their leaders in how to wield it."

So, what did I gleam from this? The Left just doesn't get that they already have their own mass-dissemination system—that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy rose in response to the fact that we were out-messaged at every turn. What develops the liberal message? All of academia. What disseminates it to the public? The entire news media aside from Fox News and conservative talk radio. It's the last step that they never got right: training their leaders how to use it.

As long as they continue to deny their strength, they'll continue to fail to make use of it. Which, of course, is fine with me.


Tyrone said...

Have you read Daily Kos reguarly, or just glanced through it a few times?

Liberals don't consider the news media liberal. CNN, MSNBC etc. are basically Fox Lite. I know conservatives have a hard time believing this, but we have an equally hard time believing that CNN is liberal. We only wish it was.

Academia does have more liberals than conservatives. But most of their writing is relegated to academic journals read mostly by other academics - not by politicians, journalists, or the public. They also have peer review, which prevents the kind of ideological focus of think tanks.

RFTR said...

Tyrone, that's exactly my POINT.
(and yes, I do read dailykos regularly).

You don't believe it, but it really is liberal.
And peer review by liberals results in liberal thought just as powerful as think tanks. No one to communicate it to? What about every college student in America.

As long as you people keep pretending you don't have any influence as it is, you'll never be able to take advantage of it.