Tuesday, December 07, 2004

December 7, 1941
This was a previous generation's 9/11, to frame it crudely. This was the day that the nation woke up and realized that beligerent powers had engaged the entire planet in war, and that the US could no longer afford to be silent. We did not blindly rush off and destroy those who had directly attacked us, then declaring ourselves safe. No, we went to Europe, and defeated Hitler first, recognizing that the true threat was anyone that would seek to control other nations.

There's still a lot of mystery around the attack on Pearl Harbor; some people even wonder if perhaps FDR knew the attack was coming and used it to spurr the American people into war. What is known is that the US did rise to meet the threat, and defeated the German and Japanese war machines, liberating millions along the way.

I won't link this to my generation's awakening, except to say that I hope we can continue to respond as they did. I pray that the people will realize that Al Quaeda may have attacked us, but they are only an example of the threat—an example of a much bigger enemy.

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