Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Another stupid law
A fourth-grade girl has been suspended for taking to school something that looked like 'Jell-O shots': "The girl was suspended for violating school rules against possessing or trying to distribute a 'lookalike,' or something that appears to contain drugs or alcohol."

So, um, now are we going to start suspending kids for carrying water bottles? After all, it looks an awful lot like vodka. Or maybe apple-juice bottles—I remember a pirate-themed birthday party when I was little, where we drank mugs of apple juice because it looked like beer.

Put the kid back in school, as this is a stupid rule, and the article implies it's her mother's fault anyway. Why are we punishing kids for stupid infractions based on the actions of stupid parents?

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Alex T. said...

At our local schools water bottles ARE banned... Some kids DID fill them with alcohol...