Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Where have we heard this before?
In today's Washington Times, Tony Blankley (partially) imitates me: "When we conservatives got shellacked in 1964 -- with Barry Goldwater losing 61percent to 39 percent to Lyndon Johnson -- we knew we had a lot of work ahead if we were going to educate the public to our views. But I can honestly say that, although I remember thinking that the public was misguided in its judgment, I never hated or felt contemptuous of the majority electorate -- of my fellow countrymen."

How similar is that to what I said? Well, I don't have the benefit of experience like Mr. Blankley does, but I hypothesized that I would experience the same sentiment in my most recent column, saying: "If Sen. Kerry had won, I would have put up my own away message about my fear for our safety. But the derision conveyed in these away messages, and in things said to me all day on campus, goes way beyond that idea. I would never have threatened to leave the country, or implied that voting for a certain candidate equated a sin, or said that I had lost faith in the people of this great nation."

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