Tuesday, November 30, 2004

More on the Climate of Fear
The Yale Daily News reports today that copies of the Yale Free Press, a conservative magazine, were stolen. No big deal, right? Well, this was not as simple a theft as I just made it soud: "Approximately 2,400 issues, costing $600, were discarded, Feygin said. The magazine, which had been distributed to all 11 residential colleges and Swing Space, was stolen from all 12 locations."

There are no leads, and no signs of who the perpetrators might be. The only thing that is clear is that someone undertook a large-scale effort to stifle dissent on the Yale campus. Oh, and the ironic part? "Feygin and her staff said they were horrified at the theft of this month's issues, which Feygin said was particularly ironic as the issue addressed academic freedom at Yale. The issue featured a survey conducted by Yale's Students for Academic Freedom asking students whether they considered political freedom in the classroom to be an issue on campus. Feygin said the poll, which quoted anonymously what students had said in their survey replies, had angered some people.

'It's frustrating that the way of countering things that people don't like is to suppress them,' said YFP contributing writer William Britt '06, who discovered the issues missing from Morse College. 'We publish letters to the editor that put anyone who wants to in dialogue with the writers, so there's lots of space for people to disagree in a way that's more helpful.'"

This is a magazine that allows anyone to write in and disagree, with the right to be published in the next issue, writing a feature about the stiffling of dissent on campus. And what happens? The issue is stolen. I tell you, this campus, in some ways, gets worse and worse every day.

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