Friday, November 12, 2004

More on Arafat
The Western Standard quotes the following:
"Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin on Arafat's death:
'Chairman Arafat personified the Palestinian people's struggle to see their right to self-determination realized. Canada calls on Palestinians, and all peoples of the Middle East, to reflect on the tremendous cost of conflict, and, building on the legacy of their leaders and the guidance of their governments, to renew their commitment to peace.'

Australian Prime Minister John Howard on Arafat's death:
'I think history will judge him very harshly for not having seized the opportunity in the year 2000 to embrace the offer that was very courageously made by the then Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barack [sic], which involved the Israelis agreeing to 90 per cent of what the Palestinians had wanted.'"

We know which one of these two Jacques Chirac would agree with, and we know where George W. Bush stands. The question is: what do you think is the truer representation of the man?

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