Thursday, November 11, 2004

Life is good
My life is similar to this guy's, except I'm balancing out because my car got broken into over the weekend. And he doesn't count the Red Sox winning the world series.


Exile said...

I seriously feel that to feel joy at the death of any person, and don't get me wrong I thought Arafat was a terrible leader and a shameful terrorist, is misguided. I weep for a life that was polluted by hate, mistrust, and deceit, but more than that I hope this day which is sad for so many, should be the begninning of the end of violence for the inhabitants of the Holy Lands. I also hope that I would never include the death of somebody on a pithy list of things going right in my world. I also I'm mad about my paper.

Anonymous said...

Well, I admitted in the comments that I'd simply forgotten about the Red Sox (I threw the post together in about 2 minutes).

I'd have no qualms dancing on the grave of Hitler, either. Sorry, but that's just the way I feel. The planet is a better place without Arafat.

Ricky West