Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Today's NY Post documents a spectacular exchange between Maureen Dowd and Senator Zell Miller (via OxBlog): "SEN. Zell Miller (D- Ga.) laced into New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd yesterday on the 'Imus in the Morning' radio show, saying, 'The more Maureen Loud [sic] gets on 'Meet the Press' and writes those columns, the redder these states get. I mean, they don't want some highbrow hussy from New York City explaining to them that they're idiots and telling them that they're stupid.' Miller also suggested 'that red-headed woman at the New York Times' should not mock anyone's religion: 'You can see horns just sprouting up through that Technicolor hair.' Dowd responds: 'I'm not a highbrow hussy from New York. I'm a highbrow hussy from Washington. Senator, pistols or swords?'"

The OxBlog guys seems to think that Dowd got the best of this exchange. But will Zell leaving the Senate, and having less concern about lawlessness (potentially), he really could take her up on that duel. Of course, as a southern gentleman, he'll choose pistols. Now, thinking about this, do you really think Ms. Dowd has ever fired a gun? Game, set, match: Zell. It might send him to prison, but it may just be worth it.

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