Monday, November 08, 2004

I need your advice
I am applying to have a bi-weekly column in the Yale Daily News. They're requested that I suggest a title for that column, and I'm having trouble coming up with idea.

I'd like to name it Running for the Right, but that, I'm afraid, would too quickly paint me as a conservative bias (yes, that's what I am, but I'd rather people read my columns to find that out than just skim the title and say "forget it"), but I would like something that paints me as a conservative. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Alyssa said...

Good luck on the column. Maybe something with either Red or Red State in the title? Mine, I have to admit, is cribbed from the series of novels about San Francisco;)

Calima Cala said...

"Right makes might" ... the inversion of the cliched phrase may catch a few eyes... but the use of the word "Right" may turn away those who are... well, wrong.

Sudipta B (SM'08)