Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Here's a thought
Hugh Hewitt has some interesting thoughts on the Gonzales nomination for AG: "The nomination of Alberto Gonzales to become Attorney General has been seen by many as a step for him towards the Supreme Court.
But what if it is a step towards a campaign for Governor or Senator from Texas? Or even a step towards a vice-presidential nomination in four years? Watch his confirmation hearings very closely, because the Dems surely know that they don't get many shots at a rising Republican superstar. And once confirmed, watch how the then AG Gonzales staffs his DOJ. With a savvy group of writers and special assistants, AG Gonzales could become the face of the Administration's war on terror on the home front, as well as a hero to the GOP center-right on a variety of other issues.
In other words, don't put a robe on him yet. He may have other goals in mind."

As he often does, Hewitt seems to have a more creative take on political probabilities—and he's likely to be right.

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