Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Height of Laziness
And clear evidence once and for all that Maureen Dowd looks at me the same way I look at her.

Her column today discusses her family, and their Thanksgiving interactions. Specifically, she describes them by saying "They're beyond red - more like crimson. My sister flew to West Virginia in October to work a phone bank for W."

God, how awful. Who could do such a thing? Making phone calls for the President's reelection campaign, especially one that won with a majority of votes, is just an absurdity. She must be a part of the lunatic right fringe.

She also reprints a letter written by her brother to family and friends. (This is where the laziness comes in—over half of her column is made up of her brother's words, not her own). The letter is a celebration of the President's reelection victory, and addresses the liberal fringe (including Ms. Dowd though he does not name her specifically), thanking them for their efforts toward that end.

She introduces the letter as if it's a representation of the most reactionary thought in the world, and I was all geared-up to read the words of a Limbaugh nut—in other words, a Republican who cannot express his own views and simply regurgitates the words of Limbaugh, Hannity, and others without a nugget of intelligence. Some nuggets that allegedly prove her point? I thought you'd never ask:

[Despite major media arraying themselves against Bush,] He never complained, just systematically set about delivering the same consistent message.
A very big thank you to Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Rob Reiner, Bill Maher, Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Al Franken and Jon Stewart for your involvement. You certainly energized the base. Now, please have the courage of your convictions and leave the country.
To Bob Shrum - Cut your fee.
To Mike McCurry, Joe Lockhart and Paul Begala - You don't seem quite as smart without a great candidate.
To The New York Times and The Washington Post - If Bush and Reagan were so stupid, how did they both go four for four in elections involving two of our biggest states and the presidency without your endorsement?
[Describing members of the non-secular community that is the US,] They are not all 'wacky evangelicals.' They are people who don't like Howard Stern piping a hard porn show over the airwaves and wrapping himself in the freedom of the First Amendment. They don't like being told that a young girl does not have to seek her mother's counsel about an abortion. They don't like seeing an eight-month-old fetus having his head punctured and his brains sucked out. They don't like being told the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silent prayer and the words 'under God' are offensive to an enlightened few so nobody should be allowed to use them.
To Dan Rather - Good luck in your retirement.
To Gavin Newsom - Thanks for all of the great shots of the San Francisco couples embracing their mates at City Hall in direct defiance of the law.
To P. Diddy - 'Vote or Die' might need a little work.
To John Edwards - Thanks for being there.
With all due respect to Ms. Dowd (not much due), though she may not understand her brother's positions, she is wrong to think them so extreme. Sure, they may not exist among her colleagues at the NYT, among American academia, or among any of several other prominent groups in this country, but that does not make them extreme or wacky. And the fact that she writes this column with the implied assumption that everyone reading her column would agree with her (there's no other way to look at it), just proves how limited, and liberal, the NYT readership has become.

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Wyatt Earp said...

Michelle Malkin had a great idea: the Times should can 'Reen's arse and give her brother the column!