Thursday, November 04, 2004

A good father gets it right
Lileks: "'Who is the father of George W. Bush?' Gnat asked on the way to school today. Oh boy.
'You're not going to believe this, but his name is George Bush, too.'
'Oh, daddee.'
'True.' Pause. Should I? Might as well. 'And he was the president once, too.'
'George Bush's daddy was president too? You're joking me. That's silly.'
And so it begins. But if all goes as it usually does, in 14 years she'll vote for someone I don't like; he'll win, and she'll and remind me: you taught me to respect the President.

If I can give her that much, I've done my job."

And that's the key. It's all a cycle, and in a few years, or a few decades, the political make-up of this country will be entirely different.

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