Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Finally, Congress is making itself useful
CNN reports: Foreign aid subject to parking fine deductions: "Frustrated by deadbeat foreign diplomats, the U.S. Congress has voted to cut aid to their countries by about the sum they owe in unpaid parking tickets.
At the urging of New York lawmakers, Congress tucked the measure -- to cut aid to countries next year by 110 percent of the amount their diplomats owe in parking tickets and penalties -- into the huge $388 billion spending bill lawmakers approved over the weekend."

I watched the West Wing episode where this issue came across the President's desk. The end result was his yelling at the Secretary General of the UN's secretary to pay the damn tickets, and that there are big signs pointing out where you can and cannot park.

All I can say is, this is a much better solution. Maybe now they'll start paying the tickets. Oh, and respecting that if it weren't for our permission the UN wouldn't exist.

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Joe said...

IMHO, the odds that this will make a dent in foreign diplomats' parking habits is somewhat slim. A nice boost of income for the people of New York, though.

A solution that'd really put their feet to the fire: A new diplomatic rule that for any country to engage in official talks with our government, they must have at least 95% of their last five years' parking ticket fines paid off.

No tickets paid, no opportunity to beg us for foreign aid.