Wednesday, October 27, 2004

You cowboyed up, men - Great job
Congratulations to my Red Sox, and my fellow fans.

The curse of the Babe is dead. After 86 years, the Red Sox became the first team in baseball history to win a best of seven series after being down 3 games. They then went on to sweep the Cardinals in four games, on the night of a lunar eclipse.

The curse is over. We've kept the faith, and we are proud of our team.

My grandfather was born in 1919. He died in 1994. When I was in about 3rd grade, I was a Yankees fan. My grandfather came up to me and said "enough of this." He explained to me the curse of the babe, and how long it had been since the Red Sox had won a series. He told me that he didn't think he'd live to see it happen, and that it was my job to carry on the faith, to see them win a World Series. Tonight, that happened. I know he is smiling down on me from heaven. I miss him, and I'm proud to have this moment thanks to him.

I could not be prouder of my boys. Cowboy Up, baby, round two next year!!!


Anonymous said...

do you know what is really frustrating? when people refer to, the red sox for example as we... YOURE NOT ON THE TEAM! dont refer to them as if you are. youre not the one who one. the team won!

RFTR said...

Whomever you may be, go away. Don't comment on my blog anymore, particularly if you won't sign your name to it.

Read my post again, first, however, and you'll see nowhere in it did I say "we." NOT ONCE.

I said "you cowboyed up" in speaking to the team, "they did" several things to reach this point. I did say "We've kept the faith," which we, the fans, have, and "we are proud of our team" as in the team we support, not as in the team we are on (that would just be silly). I do not take any credit in the victory, but that does not mean I cannot share in the celebration.

So, uh, go to hell, and stop posting here.