Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Robin Hood???!
CNN.com - Police kill India's 'Robin Hood': "He was accused of killing 120 people, many of them police and forestry officials, and of making millions of dollars from poaching elephants and smuggling sandalwood, which is used in the perfume industry. [...]
Many compared him to a modern-day Robin Hood, operating in the jungles and carrying out crimes against the rich to help the poor."

As you can see from the headline, this guy is considered a Robin Hood by some. First of all, even when robbing the rich, Robin Hood is nothing but a liberal in thief's clothing. Second of all, this guy killed 120 people, including many police officers and forestry officials. Does this sound like robbing the rich? Or helping the poor? No, it sounds like a murderous maniac. Oh, and he was a poacher too. This guy doesn't seem like someone whose death should be headlined with a title that suggests he is deserving of some kind of respect. I'd have to say, the world is probably better off without him. Oh, and in case you don't believe my judgement, how about this paragraph:
"He often boasted of beheading his victims and once said he cut up his victims and fed them to fish."

Also, the article provides absolutely no description of any crimes that robbed the rich to help the poor.

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