Sunday, October 31, 2004

My 2nd Day in Derry, New Hampshire
As you saw, I was able to connect briefly to the internet early this afternoon, and post some pieces that I wrote last night. I apologize for the garbled characters that were up all afternoon, but the connection at Republican Headquarters was an extremely slow wireless router, and I was unable to connect to Blogger long enough to edit them out. I have since fixed the problem.

So, today's biggest moment of excitement was meeting Rudy Guiliani -- very cool. Though I saw him a few feet away while I was at the convention, actually shaking his hand, saying hello, and having him thank me for my efforts was neat, and made it all feel rewarding. Of course, at the same time I was fighting with that slow internet connection, so I had to run back and forth from his remarks to my laptop, and I missed some of it. He did a great job of expressing the urgency of the President's reelection effort, and the importance of the work we were all doing in turning out the vote. The best line of all, of course, was in his response to someone who shouted out "Will it be you in four years, Rudy?" His words: "You want to know how the Red Sox beat the Yankees? They weren't worried about the next game, they focused on the moment. Anyone connected to this race will tell you that we cannot afford to worry about four, eight, or twelve years from now -- we need to win in the moment." Clearly scripted, but very well performed.

I spent a little less time going door-to-door today than I did yesterday, which was a shame as it was so beautiful out. In the morning we attacked a neighborhood that was slightly less sure in their support of Bush. Still, an overwhelming majority of people I spoke too said they were supporting his reelection, but there were a few more undecideds, and several who either shouted, or laughed when asked if they'd be voting for the President. It took away a little of the thunder that had been powering me yesterday, but that was temporary. When we finished the assigned neighborhood for the morning, and returned to headquarters for another list, I was sought out by the guy in charge of volunteer operations. He asked me if I was up for a new type of assignment, going beyond simply turning out the vote. His people had, it seems, compiled a list of people who had responded as undecided to either phone calls or previous visits. It was my job to approach these people, and talk issues with them, to bring them over to the President's side.

So, Lisa, the woman driving me to these houses, and I set out. And this is where the thunder returned: almost all of these people, who declared themselves undecided just yesterday, have since determined to support the President. There were one or two that needed some persuading, and one or two that had a specific question that they needed to hear answered a particular way. These, of course, were easily satisfied and gave me their commitment to vote for the President. There were also, of course, a few that had decided to support Kerry, but they were overwhelmingly outnumbered by the others. All-told, I had about 40 houses switch from undecided to Bush, and about 4 declare themselves for Kerry -- a promising statistic indeed.

Following this, we returned to headquarters for the Guiliani event, and I got my blog posts up. Then, it was time to head back out to the field. I was placed with a retired gentleman whose driving made me a bit nauseous, and three freshman from the University of New Hampshire. They were cute, but boy were they ever dumb... and annoying. One volunteered to navigate, and failed miserably at reading a map. Then she failed at reading MapQuest directions. Another was trying to spot houses that we were supposed to stop at, and skipped approximately every other because it took her so long to process the number on the page and translate it to a mailbox in the real world. Still, the driver was speedy, and competently handled the girls so they caused the smallest delay possible. We covered about 60 houses in a little over an hour, driving to each one -- a pretty good pace, based on my experience.

After returning to headquarters for the last time, we boarded the bus for the ride back to New Haven. And here I sit, desperate for my T1 internet connection so I can make my EV picks, once and for all. Expect them sometime between midnight and 1:00.

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