Friday, October 01, 2004

Maybe Kerry has worked harder for the things in his life...
After all, Daddy really maybe have gotten W his place in the Air National Guard during Vietnam, and it's looking increasingly like Kerry may have written the report that got him his third purple heart, which in turn got him out of Vietnam early. Thomas Lipscomb (via InstaPundit) writes: "So according to this report, which now stands as the official Navy record, this swift boat mission concluded by running a three-mile gantlet of enemy fire from both banks, the detonation of three mines, and yet the only casualties occurred on the boat that hit the first mine. The boats managed to escape and, even more miraculously, retrieve the sinking boat, PCF-3, without getting a single bullet hole in any vessel or crew member.
'It is miraculous all right because it never happened,' recalls Larry Thurlow, a Kerry critic who commanded the mission. 'PCF-3 hit a mine; all of my boats directed suppressing fire on both banks, expecting the mine to be followed up by gunfire. But after a couple of minutes, we ceased firing and took steps to aid the sinking PCF-3 and its injured crew members. There was never a shot fired at us, and no additional mines went off, either. And if we had been facing gunfire from both sides of three miles of riverbank, I would have called in the standby air support. I didn't.'
After he returned to the United States the following month, Thurlow was surprised to find that he had received a Bronze Star himself because of his activities described in the after-action report. When Thurlow first saw the report last July, he didn't recognize the mission it described. The Kerry campaign pointed to Thurlow's own citation, referring to his being 'under constant enemy small arms fire,' when the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth first contested Kerry's account in August.
As the commander of the mission, normally Thurlow would have filed the disputed after-action report. But he denies writing it. And the after-action report supports his denial. It was written by someone designated 'TE'"

He then goes on to explain how this "TE" probably does refer to Kerry. Sounds a bit fishy to me. What do you think are the chances that the national media will investigate further?

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