Monday, October 04, 2004

Just some thoughts...
I've now watched the debate twice, and read the transcript three times. Why would anyone subject himself to that? Well, two reasons: 1)I enjoyed the debate, as I enjoy most of politics. B)I hoped to find time to write a column explaining how, through his complete lack of understanding of interactions between nation-states, John Kerry has disqualified himself for the presidency.

So, here are some things I've come up with.
Kerry is angry that we shared the load in Tora Bora with our allies. He is angry that we went to war with Iraq without more burden-sharing from our allies. He is dissatisfied by our multilateral talks with North Korea, involving our allies.

Now try and explain to me how these three views can be combined into a coherent world view. He doesn't think anyone but the US was strong enough to track down OBL in Afghanistan (by the way, our Special Forces guys were involved the entire time), but thinks we're not strong enough to handle uprisings in Iraq. He wants to conduct a summit between "all the allies" on how to conduct the war on terror, but bilateral talks are a better idea with North Korea (don't give me the BS about how we can have both. As soon as we give in to Kim Jong Il and grant bilateral side-talks, he'll stop dealing with the multilateral group.). To borrow a beautiful southern phrase, that dog don't hunt. Kerry's total misunderstanding of these inconsistencies show him to be a dangerous choice as our national leadership.

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