Friday, October 08, 2004

Iraq posed no threat, right? - Disksfound in Iraq show info on U.S. schools: "The U.S. military in Iraq has discovered two computer disks containing photographs, layouts and other material pertaining to American schools in six states, U.S. government officials said.
The FBI is examining the materials, but a Department of Homeland Security official said the intelligence community determined there was no threat.
The military retrieved the disks in Iraq within the last couple of months, and they were turned over to the FBI, one official said Thursday.
'There is no threat associated with this,' another government official said."

So, it seems that someone in Saddam's government was collecting data on American schools. Interesting. Clearly, I'm going to use this to explain that Saddam's government posed a threat, right? So why on earth would I include the line that 'there is no threat associated with this"? Simple: because our President removed the threat that was there. I'll say this one more time for the record: Saddam spent the last decade lambasting and threatening the US in every public speech he made. He didn't have the weapons, but he wanted to. The sanctions were failing, and the world was moving to eliminate them. Had we not acted, were Saddam still in power, we would still be in danger.

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