Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I'll tell you where to stick your "dissent"
Just saw a bumper sticker that I've seen countless times before, and I couldn't let it pass without commenting.

The bumper sticker said "Dissent is Patriotic." That's true. Disagreement with your leadership is patriotic. If, by some chance, you dissent from the general consensus in ways that are dangerous to the national security of this country, in some cases that can be called traitorous. It's a fine line, I know, but one that can be drawn, just the same.

These bumper stickers were originally purchased to show someone's dissent from the War on Terror, and specifically the War in Iraq. There's a problem I've noticed, however. An increasing number of them, like this one, are placed right next to a "John Kerry" sticker. Is this a sign that Democrats have conceded the election already? After all, to be in dissent, there has to be a majority to dissent from. Accordingly, if Kerry voters are dissenting, then Bush supporters must be the majority, and Bush will win at least the popular vote.

That thought struck me, and I thought I'd share it. Feel free to comment.

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